Technological Agency

It is the partner that every company wants for success in projects

The Technology Agency provides support to IT managers of companies to successfully complete their projects. It's based on 4 pillars (The agents, the method, the Tools and the Sphere), that combined provide a reinforcement to be able to grow in the projects.

ATEX (Agency of Techonology Executives)

Coordination of projects and global actions
Custom engineering solutions
Incident Response Team

EES (Effective Engineering Solutions)

ITSD Architecture (IT Service Design)
Integration and development with management tools
Homologation of the service and Compliance
Pilots and proofs of concept

CSG (Managed Services Center)

Operation and administration
Incident mitigation and resolution
Reports and dashboards
Surveillance and detection

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Technological Agents


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ITSD in performed

Success stories


Infrastructure Services for 1.000 headquarters of this company dedicated to the restoration (school eaters, of hospitals, airports, etc) and catering services.


Digital Transformation Services for more than 50 municipalities