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In the founding principles of Loops it was created from a very special DNA, where everything that was positive for its clients was positive for Loops. That genetics is what allows him to be a first-rate integrator..

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This document is the ESG report (Environmental, Social and Governance) of Loops Cloud Computing and has been carried out according to the criteria of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), in accordance with GRI standards.

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Our clients


We work with LOOPS. For Vespa Balart it is important to have a stable supplier for many years


I know it seems very obvious but it is not.: After you have bought them, llamas, and they are there. For us that makes all the difference.

town halls

We manage IT in more than 120 town halls, from Networking to Municipal Applications

Issei Tech

Loops is more than a provider: is a partner

World Trade Center Barcelona

When you have an event of thousands of people, you need FLAWLESS INFRASTRUCTURES