25 Jan 2022

Access the Next Generation EU funds

As a result of the crisis caused by COVID-19, new problems have arisen with which the European Union has decided to respond through the Next Generation funds for the recovery of the member states.

One of the fundamental pillars of this package is the Digital Transition or Modernization of the Industrial fabric and SMEs, in which 16 billion euros.

Within this package known as "Digital Kit" includes grants for the renovation of computer systems and/or may also be used for the following improvements:

  • Website and Internet presence
  • electronic commerce
  • Customer Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Process management
  • Electronic bill
  • Virtual office tools and services
  • secure communications
  • cybersecurity

The main purpose of this aid provided by the EU is the implementation of digital solutions to achieve a significant advance in the level of digital maturity oriented to the needs of small businesses, microenterprises and self-employed workers, that belong to any sector or type of business.

This is why Loops has signed up as a digitizing agent for the implementation of this digital transformation with what makes it possible to obtain this aid, together with the implementation of all the “Kit Digital” for the beneficiary company.

Access Next Generation funds.
How to access Next Generation funds

All the more detailed information can be found at:  https://www.acelerapyme.es/

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