07 Oct 2022


Loop Fundamentals

Loops is structured around three basic pillars, that define why we are who we are, this is why we have decided to make a brief presentation of the company.

Technical Vocation

“Boundless Curiosity”

Loops is an IT company, where all of the company (from commercials, administrative and obviously technical) They are highly involved in technology..

This is reflected in the passion for training and technical knowledge, with a high annual investment in technical training. This involvement also makes us curious to learn and learn about the latest technologies, which allows us to offer “revolutions”, solutions that put our customers one step ahead and at a lower cost.

Stability and Talent

“Long-term vision”

This is the most relevant aspect of Loops: a long-term view of the relationship with your customers.

This long-term vision requires a great effort since it means investing more time for each project., but it provides a return on this investment: Once a client "puts us to the test", and we exceed your expectations, we establish a relationship that allows us to carry out many more projects in the future.

It is always tried that the same technicians go to the same facilities (so they know the facilities better, and resolve incidents more effectively), as well as that the same account manager always deals with the same clients (thus knowing its historical trajectory).

At supplier level, We are also committed to long-term relationships, since the experience feeds us, technical support and knowledge of each solution.


“Lovers of work well done”

This passion for perfection makes the solutions we install work, and they work very well. It groups a set of policies that include a:

  • Test protocol, where all the tests of each solution are carried out before starting it up.
  • Documentation Protocol (forever, in all projects).
  • Contingency Protocol (assess what may happen in the future and how it will be resolved).
  • Maintenance Protocol (know what to do and when), with special emphasis on being in control (auto diagnosis) and the availability of resources for emergencies.
  • protocol customer training (technology transfer to the client).
  • dispose in the Portfolio of the best manufacturers on the market.
  • Preparation Technique or Iceberg, where thanks to a strong preparation, each implantation is smooth, easy, and without service interruptions.
  • Simplicity Technique, focusing on what solves the needs and not on everything that technology could do.
  • Economy, At this point we are forced to merge Technology with Business, a unique quality that allows us, for every solution we offer, Assess where the business will make money.
  • Style and Proximity, making the whole process (from hiring, implementation and maintenance and Help Desk) be a pleasant and effective experience for the client.
  • globality, What does it mean to understand Information Technology and Telecommunications as a system where you can never say “The supplier only installs equipment and leaves, and if the problem is with lines or wiring, it is no longer your business” . On the contrary, We understand that they are the "Technological Partners" of their clients and on Loops rests the responsibility that the set of elements that the client has work.
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