11 May 2022

ISO 9001- Quality Management, one year later

in the past year 2021 Loops managed to accredit the ISO certification 9001, which is based on having an excellent working method to improve the quality of products and services, as well as the satisfaction of our customers.

Also, This certification allows us to demonstrate the ability to meet the requirements of our customers and our quality management processes., in addition to accrediting this capacity before any interested party.

Throughout the year we have been concerned with keeping in mind the aspects to be carried out to carry out the renewal of the audit and with it, continue to maintain this certificate, such as the improvement of procedures and the continuous training of our work team.

For us, uniformity is the key to good performance and a job well done has no borders, this is why we are always in constant improvement and evolution.

Finally, We consider it essential to maintain quality standards in order to be able to renew these certifications., In addition to giving us a competitive advantage within the sector, and be able to demonstrate that we meet all the necessary requirements to continue renewing the audits.

iso 9001
iso 9001

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