03 May 2022


” At Loops we have considered it convenient to present our portfolio of services to companies in order for you to know in a more concrete and detailed way what services we offer and what our specialties are.”

This is why we have prepared a document in which they are summarized our services, the way we apply them (mechanisms), the partners with whom we work and finally the current certifications that we have within the organization.

We always emphasize that we offer infrastructures without failures and that we try to minimize the solution of failures from the first moment. Thanks to this we managed to offer a high quality service, which leads to a very positive satisfaction on the part of our clients.

Our services:
  • as we can observe, our specialties are cyber security: where we take care of protecting companies against possible computer negligence and/or computer attacks.
  • Secondly, we dedicate ourselves to unified communications and IP video in which we facilitate networking within companies thanks to the possibility of providing access to information in real time by the users of an organization.
  • In the field of Data Center & Cloud we are specialized in data migration to the cloud, Specially in town halls and public entities.
  • As to software we stand out in specialized programs in the reading of vehicle license plates, whose system is usually associated with City Councils for the pedestrian areas of the urban area.
  • We define ourselves as technology agency, namely, We take care of the application of new technologies in work environments in order to streamline all the internal processes of the organization..
  • Finally, for what it does to the connectivity We are specialists in the implementation of Internet connectivity infrastructures and high-speed telephone lines and coverage., since we have several coworking spaces to which we provide this type of service.

Finally, but no less important we want to emphasize the importance in which we have the 3 ISO certifications in force for more than a year, how are the 9001 (Quality Management), 14001 (Environmental management) y 27001 (cybersecurity), which year after year we focus on improving our work team to continue being able to renew is licenses that characterize us so much and that are a differentiating element compared to other companies.

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