05 Aug 2022


Explanation of Loops-Town Halls

” At Loops we have considered it convenient to present our portfolio of services aimed at Town Halls in order for you to know in a more concrete and detailed way what services we offer and what our specialties are in this field., since we are currently working with more than 50 entities"

This is why we have prepared a document in which they are summarized our services, and a brief explanation of them.

We always emphasize thatwe offer infrastructures without failures and that we try to minimize the solution of failures from the first moment. Thanks to this we managed to offer ahigh quality service, which leads to a very positive satisfaction on the part of our clients.

Our services:

  • First, We highlight the service of security, namely, we shield our clients in terms of cybersecurity, and on the other hand we try to minimize possible cyberattacks that our clients may suffer.
  • So it makes Unified Communications and IP Video It is about promoting networking between workers and, Secondly, integration of calls in the work environment.
  • one of our specialties, As the name of our company indicates, it is about Cloud y Data Center, namely, we implement 3CX PBXs and store all the information in the cloud.
  • We define ourselves as technology agency since we act as assistants to our clients and we try to keep them up to date with the news related to the environment.
  • For what he does at connectivity infrastructures We take care of making connections between locations, amplify the public WiFi network, among others.
  • We implement video surveillance cameras at any point in the municipality and/or city which are linked to the corresponding security entities depending on the municipality and/or city.
  • Finally, we are beginning to develop the entire infrastructure of IoT (Internet Of Things), since it is beginning to emerge with the name of “Smart Cities” and it will be more and more trending and that is why we are now very focused on this point.

Each and every one of the services we just mentioned, we have them deployed in a network of more than 50 clients who are municipalities, which we try to periodically improve your IT infrastructure in order to reach its maximum performance thanks to our help.

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