08 Apr 2022

ISO 27001- 1 year after getting it

this past 2021 Loops managed to obtain ISO certification 27001.

This certification contributes to promote the activities of protection of the systems and information of the organizations, Improving your image and building trust with third parties.

During this year we have focused on improving in the following aspects:

  • The training of people in Cybersecurity
  • administrative procedures
  • We have improved our security infrastructure

All these elements together make Loops in this case, integrate an information security risk management applying a continuous improvement aligned with the objectives of the organization. With that, we improve procedures and staff training, in addition to compliance with the regulations for the annual renewal of the ISO certificate.

For us, it is essential to have cybersecurity systems that protect our entire work environment. This is why we consider it very important to obtain and maintain this badge, since it gives us a very important and characteristic adjective within the Telecommunications sector..

To complete, We emphasize our work and emphasis on renewing this certification annually to continue transmitting that security to our clients and collaborators that characterizes us so much..

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