08 Jul 2022

How the Metaverse affects our Loops Cloud customers

Metaverso & Loops Cloud Computing, what is it and how does it affect our clients?

The Metaverse concept presents new opportunities to our clients: The metaverse has infinite modes of use, but the most common are usually related to the use of bots, thus giving a faster response, human and personalized to your audience. It also allows you to promote products, either to encourage online purchases with current currency or through the platform itself by paying with digital currencies.

Our clients are companies and (not final consumers) and the Metaverse can help you in:

An opportunity for companies to connect in a new way with their customers, for example:
  • Nikeland, which is a world created by them in which you can access through a video game platform with the sole purpose that consumers can create their own characters with clothing from the brand.
  • MediaMarket, which has focused on creating an online world with a series of virtual spaces and experiences for users who have a certain link with the video game as well known as Fortnite..
Other types of application examples for the business world can be:

Some real estate agencies are already implementing Virtual Reality in the Metaverse with the main purpose that their consumers can visit the entire building through suitable glasses. With that, they are managing to make visits remotely while maintaining the same quality of experience.

When buying clothes you can see how a garment would look on you in order to bring reality closer to the consumer as much as possible and encourage purchase on that platform.

In this aspect, Loops can help you with infrastructure, providing cloud services (servers) and its securization in order to maintain a good level of protection with backup copies in the cloud and its corresponding DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan).


We are increasingly forced to work remotely as a result of COVID-19, and as the days go by, companies are taking a more direct orientation towards this type of work.

Can you imagine a virtual office in the Metaverse?

There is also a new concept of Videoconference (Telepresence) in which virtual workspaces can be created, in addition to being able to create rooms to serve customers, show our products and/or services in detail.

As for Loops, We can help you in the same areas as in the previous point, providing infrastructure.

New HR platforms

An example of these initiatives has been created by the company Nawaiam in which they have developed a video game in a virtual world in which the best candidate to overcome it would appear in less than 15 minutes on the screens of the human resources managers of the company as the ideal profile. This initiative has been developed to:

– Selection of personnel and new candidates

– Training of existing staff in the company

In this ambit, Loops can't help you, but we will be delighted if our technology experts answer all your queries and doubts.

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