13 Sep 2022

Loop Security Solutions

in this blog, We believe it is convenient to present you the different security solutions that we offer in Loops and to which we have given the name of "360º Security Catalog".

Our security methods

First, we found the internet access security system, since we consider that it is the most important and for which it is more likely that we will receive a cyber attack, so we try to protect our customers by reinforcing:

  • Proxy
  • Content Control
  • Load Balance
  • Multiple WAN
  • Class of Service & Quality of Service

In second place, We prioritize establishing a device control comprehensive as follows, via:

  • Mobile Device Control
  • monitoring
  • NAT Reflection
  • Stateful Firewall
  • Intrusion Prevention & Detection System
  • Antivirus Proxy

Next, but not less important, we count with very notorious internal network security measures in the WI-FI areas and wired network of our clients, implementing:

  • Captive portal
  • traffic limiter
  • traffic regulator
  • NAC (Network Access Control)

Finally, So it makes physical items related to safety within the work environment, we try to implement in it work with:

  • IP cameras
  • Access control
  • Also, we have AI systems which analyze user traffic patterns through different attack detection tools. These are in charge of identifying if there is any anomaly and if this is the case, they inform us of it instantly..

In case of not being able to intervene early enough, we always have a “Backup” of all the most relevant information that our client possesses and of a DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) we have already talked about it before. Link to the article: https://loopscloud.com/drp-disaster-recovery-plan/.

Our Security Certifications

Also, We have the main security qualifications accredited by CISCO, which are the following:

  • CISSP (Certified Information systems Security Professional), that provides the global vision of security in a company.
  • Cisco CCIE (4highest level of certification) and Routing, Switching, Datacenter y Security.


To complete, We want to emphasize that at Loops we provide Security solutions with a 360º Vision, allowing our clients to have security systems that cover all their needs without having to worry about being able to suffer any type of cyber attack.

loop security solutions
360º security catalog

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