31 Mar 2022


Today, coworking spaces are more present in the work environments of many companies, thanks to the ease they provide us, both logistically and technologically.

Thanks to the Loops DNA model in which it includes a series of essential points for the management of this type of space, we have managed to create 0 several coworking premises in the center of Barcelona in terms of IT and telecommunications infrastructure.

The main pillars of our DNA have made us evolve at the level of organization and technical management, always bearing in mind the following points:

  • technical stability: customers are always attended by the same technician and in the shortest time possible.
  • Long term: the maintenance and evolution of our clients is rewarded. This allows us to focus on making the infrastructure work well and maintaining our DNA of long-term relationships..
  • Results: we charge for maintaining infrastructures without failures, not for troubleshooting. We work focused on ensuring that the client has good technological health without technical illnesses.
  • simplicity: we are experts in what we know and we only work with a selected portfolio of the highest quality and for which we can respond without problems.
  • Transfer: We transfer the entire plan to the client so that they can grow and use our technologies, enhancing their own activity.. Knowledge transfer is part of our DNA.
  • Symbiosis: everything that is positive for clients will be positive for Loops and vice versa.

Finally, We can conclude that our technicians know all the types of computer problems that a coworking space can entail., and as we have mentioned before, we do not solve breakdowns, we offer infrastructures without failures.

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