13 Jul 2022

Loops 2.0

What is the term Loops 2.0?

In this post we want the protagonist of the story to be the person in charge of IT and telecommunications, That is why we are going to develop and explain what this terminology that we have baptized as “Loops 2.0” consists of..

Our work team has professionals dedicated exclusively to being IT technicians, for what they are called as responsible for information technology and telecommunications. They must have previous experience in the sector., have extensive knowledge and must have high capacity to tackle projects, regardless of its size.

what is our challenge?
  • The great explosion of I.T devices has generated more and more problems related to computer security..

This is why now everything depends on the Computing, Thus, los systems they can't fail.

Together, we make a plan

Both Loops technicians and client IT managers draw up a plan together: Create an IT catalog known as "Service Design" in which the following points were developed:

  • Know what equipment is installed and how it is connected
  • Develop an organizational chart along with a Gantt Chart and its inputs and outputs
  • Describe what to do when there is an unforeseen event, in a scaled way
  • Validate that everything is mounted correctly
  • Have a maintenance and breakdown management plan
  • Give the possibility of transferring our knowledge to the client
  • Detail the configuration of the equipment
We have developed a set of technologies and methods thanks to:
  • Our monitoring systems
  • The technology partner ecosystem
  • The application of various methodologies, including ITIL (Information Technologies Infraestructure Library)
  • A core of highly trained computer engineers

Finally, Following all these points, we reach the conclusion that the person in charge of IT is in charge of avoiding failure., whether they are breakdowns, security vulnerabilities or supplier cost overruns. Therefore, if all the premises mentioned above are met, he himself is the one who gets success in the projects, thus contributing to a better structure of the company, greater recognition for IT management and, most importantly,, increasing your efficiency.

with this item, We want to convey that at Loops we have a team of highly qualified IT technicians, prepared to face any type of challenge or problem and in charge of setting up IT infrastructures without failures, achieving that peace of mind and satisfaction so desired by our clients..

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